Motor Insurance


Alliance Motor insurance offers the following covers

  1. Comprehensive Cover


Insured causes:

  1. Accidental collision or overturning following accidental impact;
  2. Collision or overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown;
  3. Fire or explosion or self-ignition;
  4. Burglary or theft or attempted theft;
  5. Malicious act.
  6. Additional covers includes


  1. Third Party Only


No cover for loss of or damage to your vehicle is provided. Only liabilities to third parties are covered.


  1. C) Additional Covers only under comprehensive insurance


  1. Storm, Tempest and Flood Perils
  2. Alloy Wheel Replacement up to Scr. 10,000.00
  3. Personal Belongings up to Scr. 5,000.00
  4. D) Optional Additional covers (subject to additional premium include)


  1. Personal accident cover
  2. Windscreen cover up to a maximum of Scr. 20,000.00
  3. Loss of use cover up to Scr. 12,000.00

4. Loss of earnings (for Taxis Only) Scr. 400.00 for a maximum of 3                     weeks.

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